Customer Agreement

This Agreement is between you ("you" or "your"), as an authorized user of the services (as defined below), and Atrisa Communications Development ("FAX.IR"), the owner and service provider of FAX.IR, as specified in the following paragraph as FAX.IR, and governs the terms and conditions of your use of the Services. By using the Services, you further confirm your acceptance of and agree to be bound by this Agreement.

Scope Of Agreement

  • The use of FAX.IR services is subject to the following conditions. It should be noted that at any time and case changes in this Agreement may apply, and the updated version will be available on the website. Responsibility to review the site policy for changes is completely up to you.


  • Public Fax: Any fax sent to more than 5 destinations.
  • Account Termination: Disability to send and/or receive faxes, removal of access to all account informations, such as but not limited to archived documents and fax number(s) and also adding your FAX.IR number to our pool of available numbers for the use of other potential subscribers.

Conditions for Membership

  • To subscribe, you must be at least the legal age of 18 years.
  • You are solely responsible for the accuracy and integrity of information provided during signup and throughout the use of FAX.IR service.
  • One of FAX.IR’s authentication methods is the mobile number provided during signup and activation. All legal responsibilities and actions for each account is towards the owner of account's mobile number.

No Reselling Of The Services

  • You are prohibited from selling, reselling, renting or leasing the use of the Services, without a written permission from FAX.IR.

Data Protection and Storage of Messages

  • To provide a better service, all faxes sent and received and dialed numbers are archived by FAX.IR for a duration of at least 6 month. FAX.IR follows generally accepted standards such as ISMS-ISO 27001 to maintain confidentiality and protection of your information.
  • Regardless of your level of service, you acknowledge that FAX.IR may delete stored information (including received or sent faxes) exceeding 6 month from time of creation. This action however will be done in accordance to the governing state laws and regulations.
  • FAX.IR shall not provide any of your information to any third party without a legal mandate.
  • Given that outgoing faxes are sent via the Internet, and the fact that no method of electronic transmission or storage is 100% secure, we cannot guarantee its absolute security and therefore advise not to use FAX.IR services for classified information.
  • Upon procuring, you will be directed to a third party banking system and none your bank account information is stored on FAX.IR servers.

Terms Of Phone Lines

  • You have no ownership towards the fax line provided to you by FAX.IR, and it's sole owner is FAX.IR. These lines are used according to the rules and regulations of the Telecommunications Company of Tehran.
  • The phone line provided to you can only be used to send and receive faxes.
  • If the Telecommunication Company of Iran and Tehran plans to expand their network and finds it necessary to change their numbering plans, this change will affect FAX.IR numbers as well and therefore applies to subscribers of that particular scope. Any change in your number resulting of such can not be objected to from your side.
  • In the event that your paid subscription is not extended for more than one month for individual account with random and more than three months for individual account (Basic & Premium) with selective or golden number and for more than two weeks for corporate account, FAX.IR retains the right to terminate your account and therefore FAX.IR cannot be held liable for any potential damage caused resulting from such action.
  • In case of an error or change in the telecommunications services provided by TCT and/or TCI to FAX.IR or any occurrence of discrepancies by third party vendors that may cause problems in FAX.IR service, FAX.IR holds no responsibility and you void any claim or objection in this regard.


  • You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account information.
  • Recovery of your account password is only possible via the email address provided to us upon your signup. In case you lose you access to your email and forget your FAX.IR password, our methods of password recovery will not be able to help you.

No Illegal Use

  • Because unsolicited advertising messages reduce our service quality, any unsolicited promotional advertising or fax sending is considered spam, and is therefore strictly prohibited. Incase we receive any complaint regarding reception of unwanted fax from you, we retain the right to terminate your account immediately without prior notice.
  • You are responsible to use FAX.IR services in an acceptable, legal manner.
  • You are directly liable for any illegal actions or misuse of your account.
  • You shall not use services in a way which would damage our servers and services.
  • You shall not use the name or trademarks of FAX.IR without prior written permission.
  • You are solely liable for any information sent via your FAX.IR service, and FAX.IR is not the author nor the publisher of your information.
  • You shall not use FAX.IR services to encourage, promote or sell illegal content.
  • FAX.IR will provide your information to authorities only after reception of a court order request.
  • To provide optimum service and comply with state laws and regulations and to prevent unauthorized and illegal use of service, FAX.IR may review content of public faxes sent via your account.

Cloud Signature

  • The Cloud Signature feature is only offered to increase efficiency of services and lacks any legal credibility and legitimacy.

Pricing And Payments

  • You agree to pay all charges for your use of the Services in accordance with the pricing plan you were offered and agreed to upon registering for the Services. FAX.IR may amend your pricing plan, including any charges thereto, at any time either by posting pricing plan changes on the FAX.IR Website, or sending information regarding the pricing plan changes to the email address you provided to FAX.IR. You are responsible for regularly reviewing such pricing information.
  • In case of tariff changes by FAX.IR third party vendors (such as SMS service providers, TCT, TCI, Communications Regulatory Commission, the regulator and the Radio communications Regulations, Council on Competitiveness, the Iranian telecom companies and mobile phone service provider) FAX.IR may change it's pricing immediately for all current and future subscribers. (This may result in a change of current number of send / received pages purchased and available to customer based on the new calculation)
  • You agree to pay all charges for use of the service with the knowledge that an identity verification process will be needed prior to service use.
  • If your account is terminated due to violation of FAX.IR rules and regulations, FAX.IR will not pay any money for future subscription payments done by you nor potential damages caused as a result of this termination.
  • If a defect in the service caused by negligence and malpractice of FAX.IR causes financial damage to you, FAX.IR pledges to pay compensation up to a maximum ceiling of 30% of your payment in the last period of your FAX.IR service use
  • Most fax pages take less than sixty (60) seconds to transmit. However, for each outbound transmission, the number of pages sent is calculated based on the greater of the actual number of pages or the number of full and partial 60-second increments of transmission or connection time, whether or not the transmission occurs or is completed (such as instances when someone answers the call or transmission is interrupted before completion). For example, a one page fax with a transmission duration of 30 seconds is recognized as one page and a one page fax with a transmission duration of one minute and six seconds is recognized as two pages.
  • The number of pages sent is calculated based on the destination number, and vary from one place to another. For detailed information please visit “pricing” page.
  • If you wish to get a refund on a purchase, you must fill out the contact us form on the FAX.IR website before making any use of the service and within 24 hours of your purchase. Otherwise, payment is nonrefundable. (This clause applies to extra credit, selective number, golden number, creation and extension of subscription payments)
  • Unused inbound or outbound Services credits are valid in the month issued and expire at the conclusion of each applicable one month period. Inbound or outbound Services credits have no cash value. Such credits do not roll over to the next month period, and you will receive no cash refund in the event any unused inbound or outbound Services credits remain in your account upon termination or closure of your account.
  • Corporate users will be unable to send / receive faxes if they do not extend their fax number subscription.

Free Extra Credits

  • Credits awarded towards friends' invitation and upon their subscription (after identity verification) is regarded as Free Extra Credits. These credits have no cash value and can not be converted into subscription extension as well. These credits can only be used for extra usage (like extra credits) during the subscribed period.
  • Free Extra Credits are received via the following channels:
    SMS: If the person you've sent an invitation SMS to subscribes within 2 weeks of the SMS notification. (SMS invitations have a limitation of 50 per month)
    Email: If the person you've sent an invitation email to uses the link within the email and subscribes with that same email.
    URL: By sharing the URL given to you on social media or websites, anyone who enters the site via your public URL and subscribes within 2 weeks from their first entrance via your link.
  • If a person is invited via multiple channels, Free Extra Credits are only awarded to the last person whom sent the invitation prior to that user's subscription (regardless of the invitation channel).

Free Subscription

If you use FAX.IR's free subscription plan, in addition to the general rules and regulations the following conditions apply to you (with priority over all other general terms in this document):

  • FAX.IR is providing a free service only to familiarize users with the internet fax service and this plan is not intended for professional use, FAX.IR may at any time without prior notice stop this free service, change it's policies (including but not limited to, number of free pages per month or limit features provided)
  • Any additional payments for the likes of extra credits are non-refundable under any circumstances in accordance with paragraph (د) Article 38 and Article 79 of the Iranian e-commerce law.


If you use FAX.IR's developers' capabilities, in addition to the general rules and regulations the following conditions apply to you (with priority over all other general terms in this document):

  • The fee for developers account is non refundable.
  • Your account will be active once the original printed documents are received and in the case false information reception, your account may be terminated without a prior notice and any refund of your payments.
  • You are solely responsible for the correct and lawful use of services provided to you. Any misuse of FAX.IR service via your developer credentials (such as Client ID or ...) will be your responsiblitiy.
  • It is your responsibility to acquire adequate, detailed information of your customer in the case required by law.
  • You may use FAX.IR APIs only for services mentioned in the URL provided during registration. Should your URL change in time, you need to let us know in an official letter. Use of the service in other services will lead to account closure.

If you violate FAX.IR rules and regulations, provide false information during signup or not update us on information and contact change in account your account may terminated by us without a prior notice and any refund of your payments.

FAX.IR can refer to this document as a contract between you and FAX.IR in the court of law.

Regardless of the place of execution, performance or domicile of the Parties, this contract and all modifications and amendment hereof shall be governed by an construed under and in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the event of mistranslation or misrepresentation between the Farsi and English Version of this agreement, the Farsi version shall have higher priority in the court of law.

Last Updated: December 18, 2014

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