New Features:
  • Optimize documents for fax transmission
    With this feature your documents will go through our image processing servers and get optimized for fax transmission, resulting in a much better quality fax and reduced transmission time. For more info please visit "Fax Transmission Optimization"

  • Mobile Application
    You can send and receive faxes anytime and anywhere with our mobile app. This app is built for iOS and Android devices. For more info please visit "Mobile App"

  • Phonebook
    The phonebook enables you to save contact infromation and assign multiple groups to each contact. To send faxes to contacts, you just go to compose and type in contacts' name or group name. For further information please visit "Phonebook"

  • Cloud Signature
    Upload any document in the format of WORD, PDF, TIF, JPG, ... or choose a fax from your archive folder and edit (sign, fill in blanks, ...), save or fax without the need for any application installation. For more info please visit "Cloud Signature"

  • Send Fax To Telefax Machines
    By enabling this feature, your destination number will hear a prerecorded message stating: "This is fax call, to receive please press start." For more info please visit "Sending Manual"

  • Choose your file format
    You can choose the format of your fax files (in your archive and emails sent) between PDF and TIFF
All Features:
  • No need for a fax machine, phone line, software or hardware
    Send and receive faxes without ever needing a fax machine, phone line, software or hardware

  • Dedicated fax number
    Every paid subscriber will get their own dedicated 8 digit fax number with an Iranian country code and Tehran area code.

  • Instant Activation
    Your fax number will be instantly activated upon registration.

  • Always On
    Your fax number will be on 24X7 waiting to receive faxes.

  • Web Based
    All faxes sent and received will be archived in your FAX.IR account and you will also receive a copy in your personal email (such as Yahoo, Gmail, ...)
    Faxes can be forwarded or replied to from your archive folder the same way you would forward or reply an email.

  • Personal and Secure
    All faxes are sent to your personal email in the most secure manner. For further information regarding our security please visit "Service Security"

  • SMS And Email Based Notifications
    Notification of a new received fax or delivery status of sent faxes are emailed and texted to your mobile via SMS.

  • Fax Archiving
    All sent and received faxes are archived in FAX.IR for your future references.

  • Caller ID settings
    Set your callerID (the name which appears on top of sent faxes) to your preference

  • Mass Faxing
    You can fax one document to multiple recipients (up to 500). More information on mass faxing is available in "Sending Manual"

  • Cost Saving
    All faxes are sent via our cloud infrastructure and you are completely free of papers, fax machines, software and hardware.

  • Easy Charging
    Registration, extension of subscription and the purchasing of credits are all done online with advanced payment protocols in a matter of seconds.

  • Reporting System
    Status of faxes sent and received are all available in the archive folder.

  • Corporate Customers
    The corporate account enables you to have a centralized management and archiving system for multiple fax numbers. For more info please visit "Corporate Fax"

  • Extension Dialing
    You can send faxes to numbers that have extensions. Such as 8978000 extension 207. For more info please visit "Sending Manual"

  • Retry For Failed Faxes
    By enabling this feature in the compose fax panel, all failed to send faxes will be resent at an interval defined by you to ensure maximum delivery rate.

  • Scheduled Faxing
    Faxes can be scheduled to be sent at a defined time and date. For more info please visit "Sending Manual"

  • Compatibility with iOS and Android
    You can send faxes by taking captures from camera or uploading documents from storage with all iOS (version 6 or later) and Android devices (version 4 or later).

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